12 February 2014

Long John X Joost Bohnen X Blendomatic X Lee Jeans Collabo: Tribute To Dorus Rijkers

Proud to present you the latest Long John collab with artist Joost Bohnen, Blendomatic print company and Lee Jeans. The collab is a tribute to Dorus Rijkers. Theodorus “Dorus” Rijkers (28 January 1847 – 19 April 1928) was a famous dutch lifeboat captain & and folk hero most famous for his sea rescues of 487 shipwrecked victims over a total of 38 rescue operations, and at least 25 before joining the lifeboat-service. In April 1928, Dorus Rijkers died at the age of 81.

His portrait still shows up in a lot of Dutch houses. He was a true warrior on the sea. This tribute is a honour for all his great work.


The collab denim jackets are made from classic Lee Jeans jackets; Rider and StormRider 101. The prints are made on water base, they will age nicely together with the jacket. Both jackets are inspired by biker jackets from the 60′s and 70′s. The sleeveless Lee Rider jacket has a more vintage look with the frayed sleeves and patches. It has a selvage in the waistband. The StormRider is made in Japan by Edwin Jeans on the authentic machines. It features the famous Alaska lining and corduroy collar. The patches are printed with an indigo blue color and are sewed by hand on the jackets. The collab is made in very limited quantities.

Special thanks to Joost Bohnen for his great design, Long John and Lee Jeans for their authentic jackets! Remember, Sailors never die!

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