Identity promotion

Our Blendomatic presses print, re-print, label, copy, paste, stitch, embroid, engrave, laser and produce commissioned promotional items, premiums, gifts and a full range of merchandise. Online and offline Blendomatic has become an expert in branding, webshop-hosting, webshop-fulfillment and the development of social media webshops. We only live by the latest equipment. For years we’ve built upon experience in accounting, purchasing and marketing. Because, we know how crucial and valuable online and multichannel sales are to you. Blendomatic delivers good products with the best service in the most convenient way.

Good promotional items will benefit you, that is how we regard it. To Blendomatic a proper identity defines a difference between looking at things and being noticed. We think along with you, businesses, artists, bands and brands. On your promotion and sales with webshop-fulfillment. Together we are able to provide resources and visuals that will strengthen and express your corporate identity.

Here, you won’t find a webshop. You won’t find any catalogs or price lists neither. In consulting us, we’d like to translate your needs and demands to an appropriate premium or a fully arranged merchandise concept.

Please contact us if you’d like to know what we can do for you, how we work on sustainable produced goods or how how your corporate identity or brand can be matched with catchy premiums or merchandise.