Webshop-fulfillment & -tactics

People don’t only buy products in traditional store venues anymore. Blendomatic has an extensive experience in developing online and mobile sales channels. We gladly would like to advise you on webshop hosting, webshop fulfillment and the intent of any social media webshop. We know the benefits of webshop marketing, social media marketing and social engine targeting focused on your online customer’s behaviour and interest.

In accounting, purchasing and marketing Blendomatic knows how crucial online and multichannel sales can be. Our e-commerce fulfillment services offer great opportunities for medium and small businesses. Especially when seasonal peak deliveries are involved or cost savings, a revenue growth or your own client relationships.

Let us know what you want. Blendomatic advises you on features, applications and price lists without any obligation.

The best sales channels are the ones in which your client is by all means the centre point of attention. See for yourself the screen dumps and links below. They will make a difference. Whether they are Groupdeals, Scratch & Win Coupon Codes or Instagram Galleries. Feel free to ask for our advice.

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