Stanley/Stella Dealer

Stanley/Stella is a leader in the Fair Trader clothing space. This is noticeable in their factory labor circumstances and choice in use of materials. Through involvement in each step of the production chain and building long-term relationships with factories and suppliers, the brand provides an important position in offering sustainable clothing,

Blendomatic is an official Stanley/Stella dealer. That means we offer sustainable clothing options.
The cotton used is 100% bio-cultivated and the polyester is largely recycled. Not only is the clothing ecologically responsible; Stanley/Stella guarantees comfort and style.
If you are looking to print sustainable shirts, sweaters and a wide array of other fair trade textile options, we are the right address.

Stanley/Stella delivers to the most important fair trade labels. Their sustainable clothing is GOTS, OCS blended, OCS 100 and Oeko Text certified. The brand is a member of the Fairwear Foundation for ethical reasons.

You can view the entire Stanley/Stella collection down below.

If you would like to look at the collection in our showroom in Eindhoven, contact us for an appointment.


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